Carpet Dry Cleaning

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Carpet Dry Cleaning
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Panda Clean offers a high-quality carpet dry cleaning service. This specially formulated method uses a low-moisture encapsulation cleaning and high-powered agitation and scrub method to lift soiling, dirt and debris from all carpet types whilst leaving a pleasant and refreshingly clean scent. This service is followed by a thorough vacuum with our high-performance power-head vacuums to remove the lifted soiling.

Our carpet dry cleaning method ensures carpets are cleaned and walk-on-dry in as little as 20 minutes. Our carpet dry cleaning service is suitable for all carpet types and areas, including domestic, residential, commercial and office.

The quick drying times are especially well suited for areas such as common strata areas and offices, ensuring a thorough clean without long drying times.

Is dry cleaning right for you?

  • High traffic areas
  • Office or strata common areas
  • Short cleaning window
  • Mostly marks and soiling from dirt and foot traffic
  • Regular cleaning routine

Our products

Panda Clean does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your carpet cleaning. We stock and use a large variety of cleaning chemicals to ensure we can complete the best quality clean of your carpets without risking damage. By using a variety of chemicals, such as enzyme-based, alkaline based, acid based, or PH neutral shampoos we can attend to every job effectively.