Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Panda Clean uses a state-of-the-art carpet steam cleaning method specifically formulated for our clients needs. Our standard carpet steam cleaning treatment includes a variety of pre-spray shampoos, including microbial disinfectants, enzyme-based cleaners, encapsulation cleaners, and degreasers to loosen and break down embedded dirt, grime and germs. Through extensive experience, we determine the correct chemical to get the highest quality carpet clean for our clients.

After our pre-spray and shampoo application, we use a high-powered agitation and scrub to ensure penetration of our shampoo into your carpets resulting in a higher quality clean.

Our carpet steam cleaning treatment is then followed by a steam rinse and extraction to remove all residue and ensuring a deep clean.

Panda Cleans carpet steam cleaning is then followed with a specialised bacterial disinfect and deodorise with scents of your choosing to eliminate odors.

Some of these include vanilla, lavender, jelly bean, warm spices, and strawberry.

Our specially designed carpet steam cleaning treatment is ideal for all carpet types including wool, olefin, nylon and marine, and is suitable for all cleaning applications, including end-of-lease, heavy soiling, heavy staining, and decontamination cleans.

Our carpet steam cleaning treatment has an average drying time of 3-hours after completion.

Is carpet steam cleaning right for you?

  • Heavily soiled carpet
  • Staining present
  • Odours in the carpe
  • Indoor pets
  • Food and drink spills
  • More than 12 months since your last carpet clean

Our products

Panda Clean does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your carpet cleaning. We stock and use a large variety of cleaning chemicals to ensure we can complete the best quality clean of your carpets without risking damage. By using a variety of chemicals, such as enzyme-based, alkaline based, acid based, or PH neutral shampoos, we can attend to every job effectively.