Leather Cleaning

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Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Leather lounges are becoming increasingly popular; however, they need very specific cleaning requirements to ensure the longevity of the leather.

We offer a specially formulated leather cleaning treatment. This includes a specialist, hand applied shampoo and conditioner designed to remove built up dirt and grime without damaging your leather, whilst treating the leather to leave it supple.

After cleaning, a protection application is applied to help prevent further grime, whilst sealing the leather.

Panda Clean also offers leather cleaning packs for personal at home use, including our quality products and materials, allowing you to complete a professional quality job

Is leather cleaning right for you?

  • Leather looking dull
  • Built up grime and marks
  • Stiff or hard leather seats or armrests
  • Fading beginning to occur

Our products

Panda Clean offers a high quality leather cleaning solution, using a 2-stage process of hand applied chemicals. Tanners Choice specialist leather care offers a high quality and powerful cleaning solution to help remove built up dirt and grime from your leather lounge whilst treating the leather.
This is followed by our leather protection application designed to seal the leather and add additional protection leaving it cleaner for longer.
This product is available for purchase.