Pet Treatment

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Pet Treatment

Pet Treatment

Panda Clean understands accidents happens when it comes to pet ownership, and as an avid pet-family ourselves, we know the importance of efficient and effective cleaning. Our specially designed pet waste carpet and upholstery cleaning service is formulated to ensure a thorough clean, whether it’s a one-off accident, or a long-term problem.

This service includes a microbial and bacterial decontamination, followed by our specially designed pet-treatment chemicals which is formulated to break down waste. This is especially effective on animal urine as it breaks down ammonia crystals which causes lingering odours.

This is followed in turn by a high temperature steam rinse and extraction to remove any residue deep inside your carpet or upholstery whilst neutralising our cleaning agents ensuring your carpets are not only clean but are safe for your family and pets.

Once the carpet shampoo and extraction are completed, we use a specially designed odour absorbing deodoriser to help remove any lasting smells.

Is our pet treatment right for you?

  • Indoor pets
  • Accidents on your carpet
  • Smell of animal urine or waste present in certain areas of your home
  • End of lease carpet clean

Our products

Panda Clean does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your carpet cleaning. We stock and use a large variety of cleaning chemicals to ensure we can complete the best quality clean of your carpets without risking damage. By using a variety of chemicals, such as enzyme-based, Alkaline based, Acid based, or PH neutral shampoos we can attend to every job effectively.