Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Tile Cleaning
Title and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning

Panda Clean offers a high-quality tile and grout restoration service, suitable for all tile types and areas.
With the use of various chemicals from high-powered degreasers to high-powered acid-based chemicals, we can remove built up grime, dirt, debris, and minerals from your tile and grout.

This service is suitable for both wet and dry areas. High traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways, living areas, foyers, and entrances all benefit from our degreaser method which include a high-powered scrub and agitation, followed by high-temperature, high pressure steam application and extraction.

Wet areas with mineral build-up are common in the greater Newcastle Region due to our hard water. This can result in limescale, and calcium build-up on tiled areas. Our specially formulated acid wash breaks down these minerals allowing for our high-powered steam rinse and extraction to leave the tiles and grout clean and fresh.

Is our Tile and Grout clean right for you?

  • Dirty or grimy grout
  • Mineral build up on your bathroom floors
  • Greasy smells in kitchen areas despite cleaning
  • Obvious discolouration of your tiles or grout
  • Routine cleaning of your entry or foyers
  • Routine cleaning of your outdoor tiled areas

Our products

Tile Plus is our preferred tile cleaning solution, offering a high-powered degreasing action its suitable for removing grime and build-up from both sealed and unsealed tiles, commonly found in kitchens, and living areas whilst being suitable for general home use.