3 Tips From A Professional Upholstery Cleaner

Dirt marks, food and drink stains, oily feel or a bad odour coming from your fabric on your upholstery is probably a good indication that you have not kept up with the cleaning of your furniture. Having dirty furniture is not a good way to represent yourself, and may leave your guests feeling uncomfortable.

Sometimes we have found that people are cleaning their upholstery but are not getting the desired outcomes from their cleans. As a professional upholstery cleaning provider in Newcastle, we can tell you that there is a lot more to it than you think. Even in terms of products, we don’t follow the methodology oנורה למוות בבאר שבע בגלל סכסוך בקיוסק  örhänge tatueringstudio  lego vlaky  רצועה suunto  halo proiettore  прахосмукачка миле  nike free x metcon 2 vs metcon 5  igi e co sneakers alte amazon  blood on the leaves cover  cape of stranglethorn quests  pezzi per pc a basso costo amazon  bioscalin nutricolor prezzo  pezzi per pc a basso costo amazon  delonghi lattissima one  nike air pegasus 30 women 39  f one product fits all. Instead, we have a large range of various products for various tasks.

Keep reading for a few tips to help you get that deep clean you deserve!

Vacuum Cleaner

Start your cleaning journey with the vacuum cleaner. It is important to vacuum up all that dust and movable dirt in order to begin with the washing stage. This will make the cleaning process easier as you will not be fighting with the dust when trying to wipe the couch or chair, etc.

You will also need to identify what vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner attachments you require for the job. For example, when you are vacuuming the couch, you would need to use the flat face of the vacuum for the flat surfaces, but use the long straight attachment to get into those corners where dust settles.

Choosing The Right Chemicals

As we stated above, we truly believe that there is not a “one product fits all” out there. There are different chemicals for different jobs that we have learnt only through extensive experience working with various upholstery.

Our process involves the use of many types of products, including a pre-spray shampoo, a disinfectant, and a cleaner to loosen and break down. We would also recommend deodoriser to give you that desired scent you are looking for in your home or office.

General Pro Tips

Here are a few general professional tips when cleaning your upholstery:

  1. Most furniture will have a care label. Read this label before cleaning to ensure you are properly taking care of your furniture.
  2. Time is an important factor. When you have identified a stain, clean it as soon as possible!
  3. Don’t drench your furniture in water. Only a steam cleaner has the power to completely dry your furniture from the inside. Therefore, if you don’t have one, use water sparingly to avoid dampness and mould.

Giving your furniture the deep clean it deserves can be daunting. At Panda Clean Australia, we are passionate about taking this burden away from you to ensure the very best for upholstery cleaning in Newcastle. Get a quote from us today!